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Sawmill Services

Our Wood-Mizer LT35HD:

  • 21' maximum log length
  • 32" maximum log diameter
  • 24" maximum board/cant/beam width
  • Hydraulic loading arms make it easier to load your logs
  • Hydraulic log turning saves time!
  • Hydraulic clamping makes sure the log doesn't move!

As a portable mill, we can bring it right up to your pile of logs and within minutes, have it setup and ready to cut!

Our Pricing

By the board foot (2+ inch thick material, minimum 3000 board feet)

$.37 / bf for flat sawn
$.65 / bf for quartersawn

By the hour (Cants, beams, siding, shingles, 1 inch thick material)

$75 / hour if you provide the labor to offload the mill and stack lumber.
$100 / hour if we provide all labor.

By the job

Call us for pricing

*Customer will be responsible for providing stickers and stack supports. VK Milling can provide these from customer's material charged at hourly rate.
*Mobile sawing (at your location) requires a minimum of $250.
*Travel rates (hourly rate) will be charged for locations further than 30 miles or 45 minutes of drive time from our location.
*Additional $25/per blade fee charged for blades damaged by nails, screws, spikes, barbed wire, bullets, horseshoes etc embedded in the log.